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About Me

As an artist, I intend to adapt and grow indefinitely, exploring new forms of expression and pushing the boundaries of how materials are used. I strive to instill a sense of discovery in my work, and to encourage people to wonder 'what if'.

Creativity is my passion, whether it's creating my own art, designing, project managing, or consulting. 


       Transcending Boundaries II (December 2022 - March 2023)

A selection of sculptures from my 'Galaxy' and two of my second generation light boxes were featured at the Yuan Ru Art Center in Bellevue, Washington.


       Subjectiv Journal, Fall 2021 issue (November 2021)

My 'Mist' Series is featured by the literary and visual art publication 'Subjectiv' in their Fall 2021 issue.


       City of Edmonds Public Fence Project (September 2021 - January 2022)

I was selected by the 'City of Edmonds Arts Commission' to create a site specific installation for their public park exhibition space based on previous installations in my 'Colors' series.

        Fremont Space Building (August - October 2021)

Fifteen of my paintings from multiple series' were exhibited in the Fremont Space building in Seattle, Washington for three months.


        Adams Square Mini Park (April - May 2021)

I have been commissioned by the City of Glendale Arts and Culture Commission to create a site specific installation based on my previous installation titled 'Colors' in their Adams Square Mini Park space.

        Saccharin(e) Shrines (January 2021 - February 2021)

A selection of sculptures from my 'Galaxy' series are featured by Bellingham, Washington's Make.Shift Gallery along with 'Nonbinary' and 'Forest Spirit'.

        4th Biennial Visual Impressions Juried Show (September - October 2020)

My painting titled 'Body Image' was featured in the '4th Biennial Visual Impressions Juried Show' at the Ryan James Fine Arts Gallery in Kirkland Washington.


        Imagine Awards’ (‘Duet’ October 2019)

‘Duet’ is a collaboration between myself and an artist named Marissa Sykes, wherein we expressed the collaboration between visual and performing arts. The body of the installation is a series of suspended wire-frame geometric shapes, with hand-crafted sheet music ribbons flowing through them.

        ‘Dream Logic’ (August 2019)

Dream Logic was a gallery exhibition hosted by Level Ground Arts Cooperative in Los Angeles California. I was invited to feature ‘Forest Spirit’, a sculptural installation made of bones, glass, steel, and moss. This sculpture is a tribute to the curiosity and tranquility of the American white tailed deer.

        ‘Arts In Nature Festival’ (‘Nonbinary’ - June 2019)

This is a reprisal of my 2017 installation, ‘Nonbinary’, adapted to be experienced in a woodland cabin setting. From either end of the room will be projected imagery associated with male and female gender norms, fractured by the mirrored fragments filling this intimate space and scattered all over the walls and the visitors.

        ‘Riul Clothing Popup’ (‘Metropolis’ March 2019)

‘Metropolis’ is a ten foot light and glass installation made using almost exclusively materials found on-site at Nick Metropolis Collectibles.

        ‘Forest Spirit’ (October 2018 - February 2019)

‘Forest Spirit’ is a sculptural installation commissioned by the Santa Clarita Arts Council, and is made of bones, glass, steel, and moss. This sculpture is a tribute to the tranquility of the American white tailed deer.

         Social Fictions (‘Nonbinary’ 2017)

With ‘Nonbinary’, an installation exhibited at Studio Channel Islands, I created a cloud of mirrors which imbibes societal expectations of ‘masculinity’ and ‘femininity’, shatters them, and throws them dancing around the gallery. The combinations of 'masculine' and 'feminine' imagery swimming around the space are as endless as they are within the individual.

         GeekPride (‘HousePride 2016)

‘HousePride’ is a series of banners fashioned after the student houses at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It was a site-specific piece created for the brick-walled courtyard at a Harry Potter themed event, and incorporated elements of rustic-grunge, going along with the worn brick.

         PBAS Los Angeles (‘Introvert’ ‘Cousin’ ‘Those We’ve Lost’ 2016)

'Introvert’ is a charcoal-on canvas light box, in the light a shadowy figure stands alone, but when night falls and the LEDs turn on, it becomes clear that the figure has been wandering the cosmos, embraced by infinity.

‘Cousin’  is an installation of my personal family series, a contained matrix of white jute cord punctuated by a single strand of red, representing our extrinsic influences surrounding that of blood relation.

‘Those We’ve Lost’  expresses the lasting influence of loved ones on our lives as the chunks of wood which have been removed from the board are replaced by leaves, preserved in resin.

         Galactic Slaughterhouse (‘Malen’Kaya Filippovna’ 2015)

Perpetually looped, this video installation depicts the psychological horrors of being surrounded by female sexualizaion in marketing from an early age. ‘Malen’Kaya Filippovna’ was a site-specific video installation, created to blend into the theme and color palate of the event.

         Spool MFG (‘Cube’ 2013)

Made entirely of salvaged windows, an airtight and smoke-filled 7’x7’x7’ cube contained the ghostly specters of gallery patrons, projected into the haze from a live-feed hidden camera. ‘Cube” was a temporary, site-specific installation, designed to reflect the post-industrial setting of the gallery and the town.

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